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Creating a Logo and Website for a Cake Business

The past few months I have been working on something I have found passion in. I love assisting businesses in their growth as well as doing photography so I chose to help my sister with her cake business.

My sister started this business 11 years ago and has slowly built up customers purely from word-of-mouth. I noticed that she didn’t have a business name or a website. I spoke to her about this and she told me that she really wanted a place for potential customers to go so they could view her work, see her starting prices and contact her to make an order,  but she hasn’t found the time to work on it. 

For the past few months, I helped establish a business name as well as design a logo for her company.

I used the creative process of sketching, vectorizing and applying feedback along the way. The other task I completed for her is designing a website for her business. I used Divi and WordPress for this because, after speaking with several marketing and website professionals, this platform was recommended for great SEO. 

I also had two photoshoots with my sister. They both were a day-long adventure because she lives a little over four hours away. I set up 3 Practilights and used surfaces for the overhead shots. The only images on the website that aren’t my own are the gallery images.

I have become invested in this company so, in the coming months, I plan on helping with her social media. The main purpose of this is brand awareness. I also plan on making a “Google My Business” account for her so that the Google spiders can start tracking her website after I index her pages on the Google Search Console. 

Check out the video and links below for more details on this project.

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