Sydney Christensen- Shiny As a Penny: Business Launch Plan

Public Relations

Project Summary:

I will be launching a home organization business early this fall and decided to create a marketing plan for the business launch. The main goal in creating this plan was to create content and ideas that will help attract and engage the audience as the business is launched. As a specialist in Public Relations, this included setting goals and tactics that would allow for an influx of engagement. To achieve those goals, I started by building a website and establishing a brand, researching the target audience, and creating a content marketing plan that would cater to their needs. 

In creating the content marketing plan, my efforts included providing the necessary research and tools that will be needed to get started and launch successfully, creating a logo and branding toolkit, creating a detailed website, finding the target audience, and creating content that directly interests them. I spent countless hours researching strong SEO topics, hashtags, and other information to best reach the niche. Within the content marketing plan are 4 written and scheduled blog posts that are rich in SEO content, a month’s worth of social media posts and notes on how to continue engagement. A 3-month plan for blog post topics is also included, as well as a calendar showing when and how often to post on social media. 

Campaign Book      Brand Kit      Shiny As a Penny Website