Grace Wride – On the Altar: What artists sacrifice to pursue their crafts

My name is Grace Wride and I created a magazine highlighting six different artists and seven different mediums. I wanted to dive into as many different mediums as possible; so I talked to a fashion designer, sculptor, poet, dancer, illustrator, painter and two musicians. I want to illustrate how much artists sacrifice to develop and harness their skills of creation — that’s why I titled the magazine “On the Altar.”

I interviewed and photographed each artist. I enjoyed going to their places of work and seeing their process of creation in action after hearing about it. I learned a great deal about their different mediums.

 I wrote the articles based on our discussions. Some developed into feature stories while others were focused on certain topics like finding a mentor or learning to accept criticism. Transcribing the interviews and writing the articles took over 24 hours.

I edited all of the photos of the artists on Lightroom which took many hours. I edited them to be consistent in style so the magazine looks cohesive. I used Photoshop to edit the artists’ introductory pages.

My project highlights the skills I’ve developed in writing, photography and design during the years I’ve spent earning my bachelor’s degree at BYU-Idaho.