Leah Smith – Get To Know My Music Video

Leah Smith – Video Production – Winter 2022


My project is named Get To Know My Music Video, a play on words for the title of the song “Get To Know You” which I used for my senior project. This song comes from Hayden Davis, an independent artist getting his start in music who is also a student here at BYU Idaho. I found Hayden after putting an announcement on Facebook which funnily enough led me to two of his friends who both vouched for his talent and overall coolness.

              His two friends that contacted me both said they were eager to help me work on the project and together we came up with a storyline for this music video. We also had to do some location scouting which took us to Idaho Falls finding a fabulous antique shop whose managers agreed to let us run around filming. After finding the perfect spot, I got to work on the storyboard. Putting together the storyboard took eight hours, thankfully I have an amazing roommate with a background in illustration who helped bring my vision to life. Once that was done, we got to shooting. Our first and second shoot took three hours each, and our last shoot took an hour and a half. Editing took a total of about 34 hours.

              This project has really been a test for me to see what I can do on my own and how well I can delegate responsibilities as a director. The hardest part was definitely working around everyone’s schedules. Since our cast and crew were all students with jobs, homework, callings, and other responsibilities, finding a time that everyone was available for filming turned into the biggest obstacle of all. Thankfully, the guys I was working with were very flexible and we were able to communicate well enough with one another that we made progress with scheduling our meetings and shoots.

              In the end, I have a polished music video that will be fun for people to watch, and a video that I can be proud to include on my resume and online portfolio.





Meeting with Crew 1.25.221 Hour
Storyboarding 1.30.22, 2.7.22, 2.15.223 Hours, 3 Hours, 3 Hours
Mentor Meetings 2.1.22, 3.10.221 Hour, 15 minutes


Newspaper Corner Shoot 2.19.223 Hours
Antique Shop Shoot 2.24.223 Hours 45 minutes
Ricks Gardens Shoot 3.3.222 Hours

Post Production

Editing 3.2.22, 3.4.22, 3.7.22, 3.9.22, 7 Hours, 2 Hours, 7 Hours, 3 Hours
Color Grading 3.12.22, 3.14.228 Hours, 3 Hours
Consult for Color Grading 3.11.222 Hours
Final Edits 3.15.223 Hours