Deborah Owen – HTML Course for Kids

Project Summary

I created a course to introduce kids to HTML using engaging storytelling and visuals. This course is comprised of 10 short lessons. Each lesson is structured with written content, illustrations, and a built-in coding playground activity. This course is housed on

The course is framed as an Adventureland for kids to explore, theming each lesson as an attraction. There are two lead characters, Mark the unicorn and Cassie the dragon, who guide users through the lessons. Each lesson includes 200+ words of written content, paired with 4-5 simple illustrations. These lessons will also include a coding activity, designed to teach the principles of the lesson. These will be coded to look good and provide learning activities that are meaningful.

Other elements of the project include the logo, the website design, and additional written content introducing the course. The logo will be incorporated throughout the project and any promotional materials. The website will include individual pages for each lesson and a landing page

This project served to showcase my skills in graphic design, writing, coding, web design, and teaching. The end goal is to have a product, designed and packaged for a user to pick up and use, walking away with basic skills in HTML and CSS and a vision of the creative potential for creating interesting websites.

Video Presentation

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Hopefully I’ve piqued your interest! If you want to learn more about my process, I’ve written a case study showcasing what I created and describing the key decisions I made along the way.

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My goal from the beginning was to have a functioning course ready to go by the end, so here it is! The entire 10-lesson HTML course is accessible, with a sneak preview of the CSS course that’s going to follow shortly.