Brian Mondaca – 3D Product Animation

3D Modeler/Designer/Animator

About the Project

Hi, my name is Brian Mondaca. I am studying Communications with an emphasis in Visual Communications, and for my senior project I designed, modeled and animated a fake product called, iFold. This project is meant to show my skills with 3D modeling, product design, and product animation. By showing these skills, I hope to show future employers my abilities to produce good quality 3D concepts, designs, models, and animations.

The animation will show the special features of the iFold, such as its 5-lens camera for a better photography experience, an OLED display for sharper colors and better performance, a variety of custom colors for individual expression, and the foldable feature. The iFold is meant to be a true 2-in-1 phone that combines portability with creativity. All the experience you have with an iPad can now fit in your pocket.

Here’s a quick snippet of the scope of the project.

The phone was designed in Blender, a free 3D software. The process started with sketching out ideas of how I wanted the phone to look. Then, I did research of what the current iPhones looked like and what aspects of their designs I should incorporate into the iFold’s design. I did this to both keep the design close to the rest of Apple’s designs for branding purposes, but still give it a unique design that separates it from the rest.

After sketching, I started modeling it in Blender. Once I got the body of the phone made, I added the features–this includes the camera, screen display, color variations and the foldable feature. Next, I added the textures/materials to make the phone realistic.

The animation came last. I did 6 shots/scenes total; each were rendered separately to make rendering easier and faster. I took the 6 shots and combined/edited them in Adobe Premiere. Once I put in the shots and added the full audio to it, I added the text and exported the final product.

Here is a pdf showing my process.

Here are four final renders for the iFold campaign. (This was just something a little extra I wanted to add.)

Final Product: iFold.