Jane Higgins-How to Write a Grant Proposal

By Jane Higgins- Strategic Organizational Communication

For my project, I wanted to focus on grant writing for non-profits. The project focused firstly on learning how to write grant proposals through extensive research, collaboration with several non-profits, and practice. I was able to write a couple of grant proposals which will be submitted in the next several months.

I have been interested in working for and creating non-profit organizations, and as I’ve worked with several organizations in the past, I realized how useful knowing how to acquire funding is, and decided that I wanted to know how to write grant proposals myself.

As I wanted to also create content that would be informative for others interested in learning how to write grant proposals, I created a crash course instructional pamphlet, a compilation of successful grant proposal writing tips, and a grant proposal template.

Creating the grant proposal template was one of the most time consuming and rewarding portions of my project. I spent many hours pouring over grant proposals and picking out common elements, structure, and language, and then took that information to create my own template. It focuses on the 8 elements of a successful grant proposal and includes tips and examples for each element, as well as fill-in-the-blank grant proposal to make writing your own grant proposal extremely simple.

Going forward, I will be working for a non-profit where the skills I gained during this project will be put to work. I am also interested in refining my grant proposal template, and potentially marketing it.