Morgan Norris’ PR Launch Campaign for Senior Project

For my project, I created a PR campaign for a music company my husband and I hope to open one day. I highlighted everything they would need to get a public presence in the community, from a website complete with blogs to social media posts and a press kit. I hope you enjoy learning about my project as much as I loved working on it.

Below is a link to my published website.

Below is a link to the PR booklet that contains everything else I made!

My showcase Presentation set up

Project Summary

My project is all about launching a brand and tools for the Spokane Academy of Music to use when the business undertakes. It will include materials they can use over a period of launching, launch, and continuing months of use. The goal is to provide the music academy with everything that they need to launch a successful ad campaign, create interest in potential clients, help maintain and keep current clients up to date and even have a platform for their merchandise. With the launch of branding and sample social media as well as materials to give to the press, they will be able to have a smooth start to their business. What will be included in branding will be a press kit, SWOT analysis, website set up, social media posts, logos, fonts and color schemes, an online store section, a 30-second commercial, budgets, and other materials if project timelines allow it. The following is a breakdown of what each section entails and the approximate time it will take me to complete them.

          First, the SWOT analysis/ Target audience research section to be used by owners will take about 1-2 hours to find the right audiences and who to market to. Logos and branded materials (including color schemes, fonts, and sample merchandise) will take at least 5 hours to pick them out and work on samples. I also will be working closely with the client to see what they like, or do not as I am putting together the launch kit, so several drafts may need to happen. Social media posts (about 4-5 samples with adaptations to other platforms and advertisements including a content calendar for the first 60 days. This section will take at least 4-5 hours to make engaging, eye-catching content for the website. They will focus on coming soon, an about us and other start-up inviting posts. A Budget for social media accounts (including a list of targeted social media) will take about 4-5 hours to do research for real prices and a plan for what the money of the business should go to in the first few months. The Electronic/printable Press kit will include a company backgrounder, management, and staff bios, featured press release sample, products, and services fact sheet, contact info. This will take about 15 hours at least not including editing that will need to go into the project. A website that includes about us, contact us, sign up page for newsletters and classes, about the company page and what services are available, as well as an option to shop online for instruments, will take 10 or more hours to design and add company information to make it a useful tool. Then several blogs are added to the website to add better refinement and searchability to the company online.

Here is the link to my tour of the website!