Samantha Pugmire- Sami Lifts

Samantha Pugmire, Digital and Social Media Communications, Winter 2022 Senior Showcase

Project Summary

Over the past three years, I have developed a passion for weight lifting. When I first started out, I couldn’t find very many resources that teach women how to work out, and what to do. Now that I’m an experienced weightlifter, I wanted to create a brand that can teach women the things I have learned through my experience in the gym. As my love for weightlifting developed, my sisters wanted to join me at the gym. Towards the end of the year, I found myself sending work out videos to them frequently, and thus Sami Lifts was born!

Sami Lifts is a women’s weight lifting brand focused on free workout ideas, tips, tricks, and entertaining gym-related content. I want to inspire, encourage, and teach women how to weight lift. For my senior project I created a TikTok account to promote Sami Lifts. I created how-to videos going over correct form for different lifting moves, creating humorou and silly content that it relatable to all lifters, and sharing motivation and tips for working out. My main goal for Sami Lifts is to create an encouraging and uplifting community for women who want to or are weight lifting.

The purpose of this project is to build a portfolio for future employers to refer to. As a digital and social media emphasis, my career goal is to be a social media manager. After this senior project, I will be able to show Sami Lifts to my future employers or clients as proof of my social media skills and my ability to grow accounts from scratch. This project will enhance my short-from video skills as well as my community engagement skills. I created and posted a total of 24 videos.


My Work


Proper grip placement & leg drive are KEY to successful benching💪🏼 #fyp #workoutsforwomen #womenwholift

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