Lily Crandall- Femheal, brand

For my Senior Project, I created a brand about female iron health. The brand is called Femheal. I ran my project on two major platforms, a personal website/blog and Instagram. I wanted to create a community of likeminded individuals who wanted to educate themselves and others. A place where people could learn as well as share their experiences in dealing with Iron deficiency and Anemia.

This brand is very personal and close to my heart. I personally have suffered from Iron deficiency/Anemia since I was a young girl. I didn’t have anyone to share in my experiences when I was going through the roughest part, I never want anyone to struggle alone. I created the community Femheal and I have already seen people growing and helping each other through the platform.

Looking to the future I have a lot of goals for this brand. I want to eventually outsource my own clean iron supplements for women. I also would love to create an at-home iron deficiency/Anemia screening test. My idea behind this is that you could purchase the screening test, it would be mailed to your home. After a simple finger prick, you send it to an office to receive lab results. Those lab results are then simplified and mailed back to you. Then you can take them to your primary physician and give them a start for testing your iron levels. I see this as a beneficial thing, due to the fact that many times the symptoms that accompany iron deficiency can look like many other things. I want to create this symptom to allow women to get the help they need faster.

Here are the platform links:

The website below is interactive on here as well!

Here is the Femheal website!

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Thank you for your time, I am very proud of the community I have built and the work I put in to create and make Femheal what it is today. This is just the beginning, so much more is in store!