Alan Lauese: Puns Galore Online T-shirt Store

Project Summary:

My senior project was to create an online T-shirt store where I’d sell T-shirts with my own designs. These designs will be based on commonly known word puns and phrases such as sucker punch, dead meat, watchdogs, etc. In order to make this a 50-hour project, I planned on sketching designs, making drafts, making revisions of drafts, and then adding any final touches on the designs.

The sketching and ideation process by itself takes a good amount of time because I want to be careful when looking for inspiration. What I mean by that is I don’t want to plagiarize anyone else’s work. Drafts are more of a hit or miss to see if the idea for a certain design works and if it does, I take that design and make revisions. Making revisions also take a good amount of time because that’s where I plan to add the little details like shading or other elements to the design. When it comes to finalizing a design, I added any other feedback my mentor told me to give it that final spark.


Case Study: A little more in-depth look into the project