Laurel Albrecht – Let’s Play Music

Let’s Play Music is a music education curriculum that has lessons and programs for ages 0-12 nationwide.  With the help of their skillful teachers across the United States, they don’t just teach piano but help develop sight-reading, harmony, melody, and rhythm skills to all students.  The curriculum helps all students absorb music concepts and teaches skills through repetitious play, full body movements, and games and songs.  All teachers are certified music educators with years of experience in music theory, creating lesson plans, and working with children.  For my senior project, I worked with a local teacher in Utah to help promote her classes through Instagram.  Some goals I set and accomplished by the end was:

  • Improving my design skills through fun engaging posts
  • Creating a connection between the teacher and parents
  • Growing my client’s social network with other musicians through specific hashtags

To do this, I created an Instagram page from the start that features her skills, her classes, and her qualifications.  I also attended multiple classes to get content of her teaching and receive testimonials from parents.  In doing so, I was able to post each week to help create her business profile and in return create a resource for parents looking for a local teacher in the area via Instagram.  During this whole process, I consulted with my client often to make sure I was in tune with her vision, while simultaneously teaching her tips and tricks to social media strategy so that has the resources and start she needs to build on from what I’ve created.  

Above are just a few examples of creative social media posts I have designed for @MusicwithMissLouisa Instagram account. I’ve incorporated many colors throughout her page, just as she uses color in teaching lessons as it helps all students develop pattern recognition, memory and absorb new information. My posts are both interactive for the parent to learn the benefits of early music education, and for the child to stay engaged with fun games and learning outside their classes.