Rimi Kimura – Diversity Without Exclusion

Hi, my name is Rimi and I created a website about diversity awareness here at BYUI.

As a person of color and someone from out of state, I wanted to share stories of other students from similar backgrounds and their experience here at BYUI. One thing that I was looking forward to in college was cultural groups and yet, they were all abolished in 2017, a year before I became a student here at BYUI. Due to a lack of an official cultural groups and a “safe place” at school, I had always felt excluded in many of my classes.

I spent a lot of time researching different articles from the past about BYUI and the problems that POC has had as well as groups that students can join. I also interviewed multiple people here at BYUI about their experience and what they want people to do and know. I created a website learning how to edit them through html and CSS.

This website will tell the stories of a number of people here in Rexburg and students of BYUI, sharing their experience here and what they want others to know and understand. This will also be a place where others can find recourses and groups around here in Rexburg that they can meet. There will also be articles and links to help those who may not feel like this but I willing to help and understand those like us and our experiences and needs here at BYUI. I made in hopes for students to find and make a safe place for them here in Rexburg during their time here as a student.

In hopes that other POC, students can have a comfortable, fun, and safe time here as a student, I made this website. Not only to give them a safe space but also to spread awareness that it is a problem that a lot of us go through. This is something that we have been trying to get others to acknowledge and change for years. Hopefully, this is another step closer to a more inclusive school.

If you’d like to check it out, here is the link! https://kimurarimi.com/?page_id=80 (If it looks weird, Safari might work better.)