Colin Dupuis-Organizational Building Block Podcast

Project Summery

For my senior project, I decided to create a podcast that takes a deep dive into organizational structure. There are many ways one could approach this project, so when it came time to pick my topics, ultimately I decided to cover the topics of Leadership, Group Dynamics, Conflict Management and Culture. I chose these topics for their close connection to one another. Without strong leadership, group dynamics will ultimately fail over time. Without good group dynamics, conflict will start to spread through the organization. And nothing kills company culture more than unresolved conflict. This is why it is so important to understand each topic and their relationship to one another.

Each episode is around 30-40 minuets long, and features 2 guest speakers. Each guest speaker give us some great insights, by telling us about their real life experiences in the professional world. To learn more about my podcast, head over to this YouTube Video, where I explain more about this project.

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