Kelli Ferre Marchant – Boho Days

Kelli Ferre Marchant | Visual Communication | Winter 2022

Project Summary

“Boho Days” is a magazine that I created completely from scratch. This magazine is a single issue that is targeted toward women of all ages who love to craft and decorate their homes on a budget. It is packed with DIY(Do It Yourself) tutorials, home decorating inspiration, and personal stories and insights from other women with similar interests. The main focus is on the visual appearance of the magazine.

Something unique about this magazine is that it required so many different skills to create. I did everything from making home decorations and crafts, taking all of the pictures, writing articles, coming up with content for effective advertisements, and designing the overall layout and other aspects of the magazine. I was constantly switching back and forth between the Adobe software, specifically Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. 

For each DIY project, I researched how to do it, practiced, and photographed the whole process. I also spent a lot of time interviewing other creators and collaborating with them to write articles for the magazine. One of my favorite parts was learning about what other creators do and their purpose behind it all. 

I chose to create a magazine because it shows a combination of everything I love to do. I especially enjoy photography and design, so I pushed myself to combine the two into one project. In the future, I hope to continue with my own photography business, develop more freelance design work, and work with marketing teams to create effective ads and marketing campaigns. 

Video Presentation

The Final Magazine

Style Guide

I created a style guide to keep the magazine as consistent as possible. Although there was varying fonts and topics on each page, it still felt cohesive because of the style guide I used.

Software Used


I advertised for real businesses in my magazine. To do so effectively, I talked to each of the business owners to learn more about their company and why people need to buy their product. I focused on providing solutions to problems that their customers may face.

The Spotless Barn

The Spotless Barn sells hand-made soaps from goat’s milk. I decided to play off the word “goat” and mix it with modern slang. The acronym stands for “Greatest of All Time”. This phrase promotes the need for status and a higher way of living. It also focuses on the customer as the hero of the story.

Daisy Farm Crafts

This company sells crochet patterns. Their traffic comes mostly from social media, blog posts, and free tutorials. The business owner mentioned that their YouTube channel could use some more traction. In this ad, I promoted the solution to the frustrations of learning how to crochet.

Designed by Koko

This is actually my own business that I am starting. I sell custom prints on Etsy. This ad targets the desire for meaning in life by making their house feel like a home.

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