Brittany Osmond – Painting Matters

Brittany Osmond| Visual Communications| Senior Project

Madd Painting

Madd Painting is an exterior and interior painting company that needed a new look. Not only something that would appeal to builders but also to the community of Madison County. For Madd Painting I created a brand-new logo, business card, website, and social media.

Logo and Business Card

One of the number one promises Madd Painting makes is that they will make perfect lines leaving your house feeling neat and clean. I wanted this to transfer into the logo as well. Which is why each line is perfectly straight and crisp. Something so perfect you could make it out of blue painter’s tape. Not only does it have perfect lines, but it can also convey as a house and garage or even the M and P for Madd Painting.

Getting good reviews on google is a very big focus for this company right now because the more reviews you obtained the higher you are when people search for painters. With this information I decided to make two business cards one with a QR code that takes you to the review section and a second card that takes you to the website. Making it useful for both new and old customers.

Website and Social Media

This was a large part of where I wanted to appeal more to the clients. The website is linked to the google business, so when people search for painters Madd Painting will appear and they can click on the website to get a quote or look at past work. A lot of the photos you see on the website and social media are photos and I went out and took. Having a range of the employees working as well as before and after photos. To add more variety, I also created a few graphics to be used on the Instagram account that are more informative and interactive with the followers on the account.