Madison Williams- TAB Podcast

Madison Williams | Public Relations | Spring 2022 Senior Showcase

For my project I am fortunate enough to work with TAB Podcast. Welcome to TAB Podcast, featuring Jordan McGrath and Marco Guirado. Tune in to “Take A Break” Podcast to listen to stories from two friends that explore the world of differences and similarities between them. It is a platform to talk about differences and learn to respect each other for those differences and similarities. The Podcast is for anyone that is wanting to take a break from the mundane and stressful things in life and listen to stories and ideas that might help them relax.

As the Communication manager for the podcast, I have been able to help my two clients understand the complexity that is marketing and public relations. To do this, I first had to understand their desires and visions of the podcast. After meeting with them, and discussing their ideas, I understood that it was their hope to reach a lot of people and help them take a break from the stress that they feel in their lives.

Deciding to help them, I created a content calendar that put their podcast creation on a schedule to get a big following. We had several meetings where we discussed goals and ideas for the podcast and we added them to the calendar. I created their brand by working on their logo and making sure they had the merchandise to market their podcast audience. To make sure the episodes went smoothly in recording, I assisted with giving a structured skeleton of each episode that they would be able to base their conversations on. This was critical to keeping them on track. To expand their network, I created several accounts including, YouTube and Instagram. On each social media platform, I posted content that would bring people in and keep them wanting more!

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