Dustin Kirkham – Harnessing Contrast – Leadership Podcast

Emphasis – Strategic Organizational Communication Have you ever held a leadership role? If you have, it’s likely that your superiors at the time made it quite clear what metrics your team needed to hit in order to be deemed valuable and successful. There was likely many discussions and meetings about how these metrics could beContinue reading “Dustin Kirkham – Harnessing Contrast – Leadership Podcast”

Martell Ackerman -Ackerman Professional Coaching

Strategic Communication PROJECT SUMMARY For my project, I wanted to help college students learn the strategies that will best prepare them to graduate with an exciting career ahead of them instead just a degree. I feel I have learned several “cheat codes” that have helped me land my dream job at my dream company afterContinue reading “Martell Ackerman -Ackerman Professional Coaching”

Jean Mendoza – Sony Spec Ad

Video Production Project Description For me senior project, I decided to do a spec ad commercial for the Sony Alpha camera series. I wanted to showcase the cameras’ incredible lowlight capabilities, picture profile (for color), and high frame rate options. My goal was to showcase those three capabilities the Sony Alpha cameras has to offerContinue reading “Jean Mendoza – Sony Spec Ad”

Jared Rolph – Sweet Mug Designs

Public Relations Project Summary For my Senior Project I started a coffee mug business store on a website called Etsy. I did researched on different coffee mug designs that have been popular on multiple online stores including Amazon, Etsy, and Gearbubble. I gathered all this information on a spreadsheet that included where I found theContinue reading “Jared Rolph – Sweet Mug Designs”

Kelsey Cook – More Than Potatoes

Idaho Has More Than Potatoes Emphasis: Digital & Social Media Project Summary: Idaho has a bad reputation of having poor restaurant cuisine, specifically Southeast Idaho. I believe the complete opposite! Southeast Idaho has some of the best restaurants I have ever experienced. My project highlights local restaurants and their owners sharing their story and whatContinue reading “Kelsey Cook – More Than Potatoes”

Kassidy Davison — Look good, feel good

Project Summary One of the best skills I learned throughout my communications study is writing and the power of good writing. For my project, I combined the writing skills I’ve acquired throughout my time as a communication student and my love of fashion and created a fashion education blog. I created a WordPress website thatContinue reading “Kassidy Davison — Look good, feel good”

Chase Lorenzo Muir – “Do Not Return” Short Film

Video Production For my senior project, I created a short film from start to finish, from preproduction to postproduction. I have always wanted to direct a film that I had written, as in the past I have mostly acted as a cinematographer for other projects. With “Do Not Return” I wrote the script, created andContinue reading “Chase Lorenzo Muir – “Do Not Return” Short Film”

Allie Richter- Rooted Gold Photograhy

Digital & Social Media Project Summary A few years ago, I started my own wedding photography business. For my project, I wanted to focus on setting up my business for greater success after graduation since I will be moving to a new city and it will be my main source of income. I focused myContinue reading “Allie Richter- Rooted Gold Photograhy”

Johnathon LeCheminant — Putting the Arts on the Map

I love the arts! Who doesn’t? Whether you participate in them or just watch them, the arts have something to offer anyone. Project Summary My project was a campaign to promote the Rexburg Arts Center and help them gain more publicity. This involved creating and executing a public relations plan. My plan was to establishContinue reading “Johnathon LeCheminant — Putting the Arts on the Map”