Alec Miller – Warrior Project: Gamers Against Cancer

Strategic Organizational Communication

Over this last year, I had the unfortunate opportunity to go through a few rounds with cancer. During this process, there was a great deal I learned about what it means to have to deal with this deadly disease on a daily basis, things that you are never prepared for beforehand, as no one really talks about the day-to-day stuff.

This project is my way of trying to educate people about the realities of dealing with cancer on a day-to-day basis, discussing the more unfamiliar aspects of the experience so that they don’t have to learn it all at once during such a scary and uncertain time. Along with that, I wish to inspire empathy in others who at some point in their life may have someone close to them go through this horrible situation.

The project is mainly a social media campaign that revolves around Tik Tok videos that range from a minute to three minutes. Each video focuses on a specific part of my experience with cancer, and when needs be, I use researched medical information to show the legitimacy of what I’m talking about. I then post these videos to other platforms like Twitter and Instagram, expanding to other audiences who don’t have Tik Tok. Also, in order to actually help continue to do some good with this platform and audience, I will also be setting up live streams both on Tik Tok and Twitch, using my broadcasting experience from this major to encourage more action from the community, and use these streams as fundraising efforts through a program called “Standing Up to Cancer.” In this way, I hope to create a safe community where people can find both information and the care of others as they have to deal with the consequences of cancer in their lives and prepare them for it if comes to them in the future.