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Project Summary

A few years ago, I started my own wedding photography business. For my project, I wanted to focus on setting up my business for greater success after graduation since I will be moving to a new city and it will be my main source of income. I focused my efforts on enhancing my client experience, maximizing my profits through print offerings, and generating more website leads through blog posts.

I wanted to streamline my process from client inquiry to booking, so I created a wedding client guide. This guide is 12 pages long and goes through the steps of booking with me, the services I offer, tips, and more. It features some of my best images and will be a great resource for sending potential clients. I also created a client questionnaire that will be given to clients after booking.

To maximize my profits, I decided that I wanted to start offering prints. I researched the best online printers for wall art and albums, set up an account, and worked out my pricing so that I can increase my profit. I also researched competitive pricing and packaging techniques and created a pricing guide included in the client wedding guide.

For my website, I wrote four blog posts. I researched keywords and optimized my SEO for the new area I will be marketing to, Boise. I also updated my portfolio, about page, and pricing page to reflect my new location and offerings.

Client experience is important in the wedding industry. To better serve my clients, I decided to add a gift box, USB, thank you note, and printed image to every wedding package. My hope is that this little gift will make each client feel special and add a more personal touch to the whole experience.


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