Johnathon LeCheminant — Putting the Arts on the Map

I love the arts! Who doesn’t? Whether you participate in them or just watch them, the arts have something to offer anyone.

Project Summary

My project was a campaign to promote the Rexburg Arts Center and help them gain more publicity. This involved creating and executing a public relations plan. My plan was to establish essential communication channels to growing a business: social media, media relations, and brand identity. My goals, were to help them create a stronger media relationship, increase social media following, develop a brand identity, and create a clear path forward.

The struggles of getting this started were that they already had a good online presence and strong brand identity, so it was difficult to figure out what I could do to build on what they had already created. I found they were lacking a content plan and a style guide to go with it. I created a style guide and a three-month content calendar (examples shown below).

In addition to building their online identity, I helped develop better media relations by sending out a media advisory about an upcoming event involving an art exhibition of a religious artist contracted with Deseret Book and submitting a feature story about the arts center and its owners.

Lastly, I wanted to make sure they had a clear understanding of where to go from here, so I compiled my public relations plan and all of the content I created for them into a campaign book. This book includes a Stewardship section where I explain to my client what to do with the content I’ve given them and provide suggestions on future public relations plans.

Video Project Summary


Style guide

The style guide included proper uses of a couple of different logos they’ve been using as well as fonts, voice, audience and content pillars. This will help them make style decisions for all of their content going forward.

Content calendar

The content calendar stretches over the next three months, taking into account public holidays, arts center events and content based on the content pillars laid out in the style guide. The captions and media concepts are written out, so it takes most of the work out of it for them.

Promotional material example

This is a poster I designed for the center’s Tour of the Arts event. I incorporated both the branding elements along with basic design principles to make a piece of advertising material that would stand out on in both digital and public spaces.

You can find high quality copies of all of these materials in a public online folder.

About Me

I’m a student of communication with an emphasis in public relations. To me, public relations is about helping people succeed by using communication to create a good relationship with their public. As a professional, I hope to do similar work to what I’ve done for the Rexburg Arts Center.

To see more of my work, check out my portfolio.