Branson Atkinson-5-Phase Recruitment Plan

Major: Communications Emphasis: Strategic Organizational Principles,

Project Summary

For my Senior Project, I decided to make a 5-Phase Recruitment plan that is tailored towards smaller businesses, but could be implemented into any organization. I began an internship in Human Resources at Franklin County Medical Center in August 2021. That internship termed March 2022 and after which I was offered a Human Resources Generalist position which I have accepted.

I knew the my primary responsibility would be recruitment for the hospital, and the major thing I saw that we struggled with the most at the hospital was finding good talent. I tasked myself with creating a solid recruitment plan that I would be able to use when I return to the hospital after graduation.

I thoroughly enjoyed creating this recruitment plan and have even put into action on 4 previously open positions at the hospital. One of which was a Foundation Director/Grant Writer, a hard position to fill that required a very talented and unique candidate. I implemented this plan exhausted all efforts and in the end found and hired a very qualified candidate. I know this plan works, and I am excited to keep making adjustments to fit the needs of the hospital and keep finding and retaining good employees.

Slide Presentation of the Recruitment Plan

In-depth analysis of each point in the Plan

Breakdown of hours and Action of Plan

Short Video Description of Project