Laurynn Allen- Community Conversation

Laurynn Allen

Strategic Organization

Community conversations are a way for those in the community to come together and talk about the issues of the chosen topics, in this case, the topics consist of overdose resources, suicide prevention, and grief support. Often those in the community are unaware of all the resources and organizations that can help with their needs. Therefore, we also invite multiple organizations to join our community conversation to share what they provide and offer. This gives those from the community in attendance to become aware of what it is they were wanting help with. This also allows us to listen to them and give them a voice to say everything they believe we should be providing for the community that maybe we are not. This is about them, and we are there to create an environment where they feel safe to share how they feel as well as help as much as we can with what we do have access to. Building and planning an event like this takes a lot of time, communication, community engagement, and marketing. Right now, I have a venue booked and the topics we have decided we want to discuss. Now that we have these two crucial decisions made. I will reach out to as many organizations that help with the topics we have chosen and invite them to attend and share with the community more about themselves. I will also make flyers and advertise to the community. Another aspect to create this event is to think about things like food, the setup, and decorations. I am meeting with an employee from the Center for Hope to help her ideas become a reality. The community conversation will take place on July 12, and I am very excited to see it all unfold.