Noah Bozue – A Perfect Resolution

Project Summary

I worked alongside the newly formed Resolution Teams at SafeStreets USA, the largest authorized provider for ADT, to redesign the customer retention training and policies.

Worked with over a dozen vendors of ADT security across all 50 States and Canada to gather information on the reasons why customers cancel or choose to go with competitors. Then, using that information gathered developed new training and procedures for customer service agents to use when dealing with canceling and escalated customers.

The information was gathered from the dozens of ADT vendors and the numerous customer care centers around the country. The data was gathered and sent to the Resolution Team, the only team in the company working on this retention training, here in Rexburg.

I worked with a team of six who looked over the countless reasons why customers had canceled or decided to go with another security provider and broke down all the reasons into six main reasons.

From there we started getting in touch with the customers who wanted to cancel or were extremely escalated (angry) and tried to either solve the problems they had with the company or somehow convince them to stay. Over the next several weeks I found ways to not only build trust with the customers but also give the ones who wanted to leave the incentive to stay.

I got permission from the management of ADT to give “point values” to every piece of equipment in the catalog. From there I worked with the financial department to determine if customers with better credit could be given “allocated points” so if they called in to cancel, they could be offered equipment or perks using the point values, which would essentially offer the equipment for free to the customer, giving them a further incentive and desire to stay.

Finally, I compiled a “playbook” with explanations of how to use the point matrix system and how to determine which customers could be given more points. Playbook also contains a breakdown of each piece of equipment and its point value, along with training on how to handle angry/escalated customers. This will help employees, new and old, to know what procedures should be followed when dealing with customers in any situation where their membership may be canceled.

Playbook will also be turned into a PowerPoint that can be shared with employees anywhere for ease of use and a streamlined way to learn the material.

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