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Strategic Organizational Communication

Brooklyn Studios Project Overview

Throughout college, I worked for a successful and highly professional business management company that managed multiple businesses and gave me a vast array of experiences. I was given the opportunity to put my well-developed design skills to use and create professional materials for a variety of industries ranging from a custom home building to daycare and many things in between. I created and oversaw nearly all digital and printed media from brochures, email signatures, business cards, social media posts, PowerPoints for meetings, and website updates just to name a few. This wasn’t the only proffesional experience I had that helped me with Brooklyn Studios. I have done a lot of freelance work, had my own Etsy shop through high school, and have done my own personal projects for years.

My skillset was noticed by proffesionals, especially small business owners. Because of my local Rexburg connections, I started to receive outside offers from companies that had seen and heard about my skillset and seen my work for small businesses – not necessarily the company I was working for but others. These company owners were wanting to hire me to help professionalize their company’s digital media and online presence. At first, I started accepting a few clients as a side hobby. It wasn’t long though before people started talking, and by word of mouth, I had people contacting me regularly, wanting to know more information!

Because of the increased interest in my skills, I decided that it was time to fulfill a life long dream of having my own business. In March of 2022, Brooklyn Studios was born!

Over the past couple of months, I have poured my heart into establishing Brooklyn Studios. The most notable and time-consuming tasks that I have completed this semester for Brooklyn Studios are creating a user-friendly and visually appealing website, determining my most sought after skills and creating a fair and competitive pricing guide, establishing my social media channels on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn and last but not least, deciding the best business model and making it a legal and viable entity. At this time, the filing is not complete for the business but will be soon. I chose to go with a Limited Liability Company (LLC) Business Model.

It was also important to me that my clients had a organized and efficient platform to access as they worked with me. I researched a lot of client platforms and decided to use Honeybook which will organize all my inquiries so I know who is contacting me. It also easily sends off contracts and invoices so I can easily collect payment. Last but not least, I can also send out a non-disclosure agreement for my clients. It is extremly important to me that their information remain confidential and that they don’t resale or recreate my work. Creating this environment of security and confidentiality is a big factor in the satisfaction of my clients, along with the results they have seen over the past three months.

As of now, my current services are graphic design, content creation for all social channels, other miscellaneous digital media projects like eBook formatting and email marketing, and virtual assisting on an as-needed basis.

As the owner of my own small business, it is my goal to create customized, visually appealing, digital media of all sorts for small business clients who are searching to establish a professional and consistent online presence. This is only the beginning of something amazing!

Video Presentation

Connect With Me

Project Materials

Style Guide

Business Cards

I customized and designed my own business cards using Adobe Illustrator. My goal when designing these was for them to be clean and classic.

Display Posters

I wanted to make sure that the process and reasoning behind Brooklyn Studios was quickly understood by my audience. I created display posters that matched my branding. They were printed as 11″ x 17″ and mounted on foam boards.

The posters as a digital file.
The posters printed and on display.

QR Code Poster

Ease of accessibility is important when directing people to your platforms. I made a special QR Code that will direct clients and interested people to my website when they scan it. Also, I am able to see how many people scan the QR code and how long they stay on the site. Having access to these analytics helps me make informed decisions about my website and how I present my business to other people.

Custom QR

Website Tour Video

This is a tour of the website. I worked extra hard to make sure that the site was mobile and desktop friendly and that is highlighted in this video.

Portfolio Video

Due to the privacy of my clients, this can not be posted on the internet but it is available upon request. Email me at and I would be happy to share it with you.