Emmanuel Jefferies – Valley Fleet Carpooling Website and Promo

Video Production Emphasis

Project Summary

I started a carpooling platform via Wix.com to address the issues regarding scammers and ratings commonly faced on social media ride-share groups. My project included conducting surveys, constructing the website, and producing a promo for the business. The minimal accomplishment desired by the deadline included having at least one video and a running website ready for users. The website right now is a beta, expected to expand after users with early access report back any issues to be addressed.

The objective of releasing a survey would support the finished product by helping me learn the market’s opinion on carpooling. This not only include perceptions but also an assessment of resources, such as cars and luggage space. I used analytical strategies to determine correlations in individual statuses and desire to carpool. The survey also helped me to decide maintaining a certain number of cars versus passengers on the platform. This basic knowledge obtained allowed me to create the most needed features on the website.

I worked on Wix.com to construct a website using a mix of coding and drag-and-drop. The website is designed to register drivers, screen out bots, allow users to write reviews on one another, and ensure record keeping in case of legal proceedings. I had the goal of allowing users to create profiles and searching for rides/passengers without the fear of scams or liability. These are some of the foundations the website needed, although the marketing approach would be different.

I filmed and edited the promo video consisting of traffic and deeper truth, which can include the issues society faces because of a lack of carpooling. My promo captured traffic congestion, high gas prices, emissions, and implied the rising cost of real estate. I started out by planning a shot list, wanting the video to have no dialog or much exposure to humans. After I did so, I used a professional camera and used my best professional techniques. The end result is a stress inducing promo that communicates the downfalls of private vehicle overuse.