Chase Lorenzo Muir – “Do Not Return” Short Film

Video Production

For my senior project, I created a short film from start to finish, from preproduction to postproduction. I have always wanted to direct a film that I had written, as in the past I have mostly acted as a cinematographer for other projects. With “Do Not Return” I wrote the script, created and outlined a storyboard, shot the film, and edited it.

I learned a lot during this process, being at the head of the production. It led to long hours of shooting and editing to create a film that I felt I could be proud of and one that I would want to show people. I love writing but haven’t produced a full script that I have written before this one, so it feels really good to bring a story to life that I wrote and created myself. I put a lot of work into it, as this project involved all three stages of film production, all of which I put my heart and soul into. There were some hardships, from scheduling conflicts pushing filming days back to rushing to produce a rough cut to receive feedback on.

I feel that in the end, this project was worth the hours and hours I put into it since it is an original story that I got to tell. I have wanted to tell stories using the art of film ever since I was a kid, and I hope young Chase would be proud that I followed that dream. I hope you enjoy my comedic thriller, “Do Not Return”.

Time it took: 74 hours

Video Presentation

“Do Not Return” – Short Film