Cheng En Yang: Beating – Music Video

Video Production

Cheng En Yang | Video Production | Senior Showcase Spring 2022 BYUI

Beating – Music Video

Beating is a music video project. The story is about a guy and a girl both facing different life trials and deciding to take action at the end to make each of their lives more meaningful when they realize how many heartbeats they have left in their life. Me, Cheng En Yang, and Hailey Phillips produced the music and I wrote the story, and film, and edited the video.

Project Summary

Hi this is Cheng En Yang. For my senior project, I made a music video. While being at school and doing video production work for two years, I did not have a chance to do my own music video project. So I challenge myself to make this music video from scratch. I have never written and produced my own music before, but why not take a chance to try it? This is why I decided to do this project.

Production Process

There are two parts to this project. Music and Story


This stage spent me a total of 22-30 hours. It started by brainstorming the story and lyrics and melody. Then it took me and my girlfriend a few hours to record it and I was able to record multiple tracks to Adobe Audition for remixing purposes.



I spent about 25 hours doing the storyboard, shortlist, and script.


I used 5 days to film all 15 scenes of the story

Post Production

I spent the last 2 weeks working on editing, coloring, and making some motion graphics and illustrator graphics.

The total time of this project: 70+ Hours

Here is a summary video of my project

Watch The Full Video On Youtube:

Beating – Music Video