Cinthia Rodas – MakennaRené Floral: Building the Foundation

Project Summary:

MakennaRené Floral is a floral design business created by Makenna Carpenter. She is currently a student at BYU-Idaho and will be graduating this semester.

For my project, I wanted to help Makenna grow her business, but also build a foundation that she can add upon. Looking at her situation, there wasn’t a lot of structure. This makes sense as she is still a student and is doing this business on the side. However, she’s a senior in her last semester. Her business is what she wants to focus on post-graduation.

To help her jump into the floral design industry, I created materials that she could use and base her future content on. I also create content that she could use.

These materials consisted of:

  • Complete PR Plan
    • This explains her current situation and what can be done to help her grow.
  • Style Guide
    • Makenna is heavy on social media marketing. This guide is meant to help her create future content that is consistent with her brand.
  • Logo
    • Makenna wanted to change her logo, so I designed one that was similar to her previous one. It had a good concept. I decided to keep the basic parts of it to create something that she would like. She has already switched over to this new logo.
  • 6 blogs posts
    • Each blog post is meant to either educate or inform. The blog post topics are:
      • How to take care of your flowers
      • Pros and cons of fake vs real flowers
      • 7 Elements of design
      • How to prepare for a consultation and what to expect
      • 10 traditional and non-traditional ways to wear flowers
      • Five flower categories
  • 21 social media posts
    • We created an educational floral campaign called “Floral Friday.” Every post highlights a flower with its common and botanical name. In the caption, there is a fact about this flower/ how to identify it and relevant hashtags. Within these 21, six of these were short versions of the blog posts I created.
  • Business cards
    • I created a new business card with her new logo
  • Thank you notes
    • I created these thank you notes so that she could stick it in the arrangements she completes. It’s a little detail that I think her clients would appreciate.
  • Website Mockups
    • She has a website right now, but I created some mockups she can use once she is able to expand her website. This included a homepage, an about page, and a blog post page.

For this project, I really wanted to give her all the tools she would need to grow her business after graduation.

This project really helped me stretch and get out of my comfort zone. I am super proud of it and I hope you enjoy the work I’ve created.

Video Presentation:

View all materials here:

Old Logo vs New Logo

PR Plan

Style Guide

Business cards

Thank you cards

Floral Friday Social Media Posts + Captions

Blog Post – Important Information about Pricing and Consultation

Blog Post – How to take care of your cut flowers

Blog Post – Fake Flowers vs Real Flowers

Blog Post – Five Floral Categories

Blog Post – 7 Elements of Design

Blog Post – 10 Traditional and non-traditional ways to wear flowers

Blog Post short versions + Captions

Website Mockup – Homepage

Website Mockup – Blog Post page

Website Mockup – About page

Project Timeline Log