Bryson Cook – Vantage AD

Vantage Marketing-

Vantage Marketing is a marketing company that submarkets for primarily pest control companies around the nation. Vantage is a part of the door-to-door industry where they hire sales reps to go to residential homes providing them with a pest control provider Vantage Marketing is struggling in their hiring efforts for new sales representatives for the Eastern Idaho sales team.

My Project-

I wanted to get the experience of being a freelance videographer. My goal was to find a company and create a professional video for them. When I met with the Vantages branch manager of the Rexburg branch about this hiring problem I thought it was the perfect opportunity. My project was to create a video showcasing Vantage Marketings sales representatives’ job to help with their hiring efforts.


Overall I am proud of my video and according to my client, I have been successful. Being self-critical there are a few things I wish I would have done differently. First of all, I wish I would have given myself more time. I wish I would have made sure all of my shots were in focus and with consistent lighting. However, I achieved my goal of getting real-world experience and I have achieved my client’s goal of showcasing the company.