Cole Jones – Volunteer Coordinator for Harwood Elementaty Summer Program

Cole Jones, Communications, Strategic Organizational Emphasis

Project Summary

The purpose of my project was to find and direct volunteers to help assist in a summer program for kids at Harwood Elementary school. There were many steps that needed to be taken to accomplish that used all my communication skills that I’ve learned over the past few years at BYU-I. Some of these steps included staying in communication with Nina McBride (one of the leaders of the summer program) on what the program included, how many volunteers she was looking for, and how I could help best assist her in her efforts to make the summer program run smoothly. I created and sent numerous emails to students and faculty to try and find volunteers. I also made sure the volunteers filled out a travel waiver so they could participate in the program. I also had to make sure all volunteers completed a background check at the district office so they could participate in the program. I created a google form to help gather information about the volunteers on skills that they have working with children, times available to volunteer, importance of working with children, etc. I also volunteered myself on Wednesdays throughout the semester to help assist Nina in her program. Overall, I felt that this project helped me get outside of my comfort zone and use written and verbal communication to help a program that can make a difference in many young kids lives.