Jake Stoker – REALTREE Spec Ad

Video Production

Project Summary

I chose to create a video spec ad for my Sr. Project. I chose to do this because I want to have a future in video production. I wanted to be able to create something that would show future employers that I am a capable video creator and that I could use emotion to sell a product.

My ad is about a farmer who lives alone and is counting down the day until something happens. He is looking forward to something. The audience does not know what the farmer is looking forward to. I show this by showing the farmer marking days off of his calendar counting down until a day that is circled. At the end of the ad, his daughter and granddaughter show up and wish him a happy birthday.

I chose to use this ad to advertise a hat for REALTREE. Their slogan is Family, Friends, and the Outdoors. I wanted to show the viewer just that. This is a man who works in the outdoors who is looking forward to seeing his family. He is wearing a REALTREE hat throughout the ad, even when he is trying to look nice and presentable. He is given a new hat at the end of the ad.

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