Shilo Vanderlinden – TEDx Rexburg Social Media


Project Summary

TEDx Rexburg wants to be known as thought leaders, innovators, creators, dreamers, etc. My goal is to help grow TEDx Rexburg’s follows, engagement, brand and presence on their Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts and help them do more events. My project was to create a style guide or social media guidebook, templates, and calendar for all the types of social media platforms so it is ready for any volunteer, intern, showcase, or event student to step in and help. In other words, create an SOP or Standard Operating Procedure guidebook for getting word out about TEDx Rexburg.

I did the immediate creation of engaging posts to showcase the 8 speakers they had March 12th, to announce the speakers who spoke at TEDx Rexburg this year, learned how to use the Meta Business Suit on Facebook to schedule a social media campaign and to connect it to Instagram, use the scheduling program on Twitter to also schedule and launch the social media campaign, learned that LinkedIn doesn’t have a program and will have to do it manually, and put together a SOP for all the TEDx Rexburg social media platforms to help any interns, volunteer, showcase, or event student have the knowledge of how to do those programs and how to help run TEDx Rexburg’s social media. For me to learn how to do all those programs on the different social media platforms, I also had to do quite a bit of research to accomplish those goals.

Video Presentation

Social Media Campaign

TEDx Rexburg Social Media Guidebook

Project Hours and Expenses