Dustin Kirkham – Harnessing Contrast – Leadership Podcast

Emphasis – Strategic Organizational Communication

Have you ever held a leadership role? If you have, it’s likely that your superiors at the time made it quite clear what metrics your team needed to hit in order to be deemed valuable and successful. There was likely many discussions and meetings about how these metrics could be hit or exceeded. How much training did you receive on how to build a healthy team culture though? If you’re like anyone else, likely not much. Isn’t this puzzling? We all know that happy teams are productive teams, so why doesn’t the corporate world spend more time on team culture trainings? This is the core issue that Harnessing Contrast has taken aim at. 

Harnessing Contrast is a podcast meant to help those in management positions find insights and tools needed for success. Not only will current managers Each episode dives into questions with experienced management from various walks of life, everything from dog training, to dentistry, to financing. 

Why Contrast?

Contrast is the core of all human understanding. Our ability as humans to discern between minor and major details hinges on our abilities to find contrast between various items or concepts. Individuals who are able to recognize this fundamental fact and harness it in the real world usually end up changing the world. An example that I love to use is Steve Jobs, an individual that was able to identify gaps in industries and markets and act accordingly. Not only was he able to find the gaps, but he was able to push products into existence that were in stark contrast to what was already being sold by other companies. This ability to harness contrast has given Apple the success that it has today. This project is a podcast meant to get the thoughts of various individuals and how they work to stand out from the pack and perform well in their respective areas. The podcast focuses on managers on various levels from entry level employees all the way up to CEOs and business owners. The collection of insights make up a great podcast that will provide leadership and management insights to those that are looking to land a new job, build a new business, or develop a powerful culture in an existing organization that is struggling to find traction. The podcast doesn’t have all the answers and fixes that are needed in organizational structures, but it sure does add to the pile of great advice from trained professionals that have lived through many failures and have developed approaches that have brought success. Join us for an episode! Learn to better Harness Contrast in your own life. Learn to Rule your Realm! 

Here’s a link to get started with Harnessing Contrast. Learn to take on the role of being a CEO with Glenn Strebe.


I really enjoyed creating this podcast. Speaking with experts about the topics that I love was a delight and I learned more than I could have predicted. As I push off into the world and seek out the fine details of my career, I will be striving to apply the many great principles that were shared with me in each of these episodes. I’ll be sure to never shy away from “R-rated conversations -R for REAL-” and treat the people I have a chance to lead with respect and with the facts.