Jared Rolph – Sweet Mug Designs

Public Relations

Project Summary

For my Senior Project I started a coffee mug business store on a website called Etsy. I did researched on different coffee mug designs that have been popular on multiple online stores including Amazon, Etsy, and Gearbubble. I gathered all this information on a spreadsheet that included where I found the design, price, keyword phrase volume, and reviews. I then picked the top designs that I thought would do the best and, by combining different ideas and trends together, I came up with my own designs for my Etsy Coffee Mug Store.

I mainly used a website called Canva.com to help me design my mugs. Once I created multiple designs and uploaded them to the store I picked the ones I thought would do the best and ran Etsy ads and Facebook ads to promote the best designs. I also decided to create organic posts on Pinterest to drive additional traffic to my store. The business model that I used to build this store was a print on demand model. This is when a business uses a 3rd party to fulfill orders for their customers. For example I used a website called iconecom.com to fulfill the orders placed by my customers with the designs I created and uploaded on my Etsy store.

From this project I hope to show my ability to conduct research, design, promote on social media and create ads on different platforms to sell products. I will do this again by finding winning product designs for coffee mugs with certain criteria, creating designs using Canva, and promoting the designs and sending traffic to my store with Etsy ads and Pinterest posts.