Rossy Galo – Crafts With Love Re-branding & Social Media Campaign

Digital and Social Media

Rossy Galo – Digital and Social Media

Project Summary

Crafts With Love is a small business that makes customized home and nursery décor made of wood. The brand participates in local markets in Utah and Texas. The owner also sells the products online.

I met with the owner to talk about her expectations and what were the biggest pain points of the brand. After having this conversation with the owner, I started a plan to rebrand the business.

I created a style guide, a new logo, a strategy, and finally planned a social media campaign on Instagram and Facebook to increase awareness, engagement, and company’s sales.

I did an audience analysis, competitor analysis, and market research to know how to differentiate the brand from other brands that are doing similar things. After doing my research I came up with a strategy to achieve the goals that were established with the client.

I listed 5 content buckets that provide educational, inspirational, and entertaining content. After adding multiple ideas for the content buckets, I created a content calendar to post 5 times a week from Monday to Friday for a month on Instagram and Facebook being a total of 20 posts on each platform.

Every Saturday I worked on creating the content that was posted during the following week to post during the 5 days I planned to post. I also created a spreadsheet to keep track of the KPIs and updated it at the end of every week to see how well the content created was performing.

When I started working on this brand it had 389 followers. Up to this moment, the brand has 351 followers. That means that in a month the brand had a 13% increase in followers. Out of those new followers, 4 of them placed orders. within the same day, they started following the account.

According to the Social Media Insider, the average engagement rate for arts and crafts on Instagram is 1.04%. Crafts With Love has a 13.21% engagement rate meaning that the average interactions per post are 60 likes and 1 comment. This proves that consistency helps a brand grow and perform better.