Kyley Reams – Kenzie Saunders Public Relations Campaign and Rebrand Project

Hello! My name is Kyley Reams. My emphasis is Public Relations.

Project Summary

For my senior project, I created a public relations campaign and designed several rebranding materials for Kenzie Saunders. Kenzie Saunders is a hair stylist In Idaho Falls who is branching out and incorporating a piercing business into her established hair styling business. The main goal for her new brand was to make it more personal to her and to create more of a lifestyle brand. She wanted to be able to show off her own style and personality through her brand and use her own name as her brand name. I have created several materials to help her launch into her new brand and identity. These materials include a public relations plan and booklet, a style guide, event flyers, an updated logo and Instagram highlight bubbles, business card designs and a gift card template. The public relations plan goes through the process of determining a new target audience as well as goals and objectives for her new brand, challenged, key messages and the marketing strategies. Throughout the course of the project, I have been able to use many of my design skills as well as my communication skills in order to create a perfect public relations campaign for my client.

Senior Project Video

Style Guide

Public Relations Campaign Book

Rebranded Materials