Lifeline – Youth Mentoring Program by Zach Shields

Emphasis: Organizational Communications and Advocacy

50 hours is such a fleeting amount of time when trying to create your own non-profit. I have made a big dent into creating lifeline and hope to show that from the effort that I have put into my project. I have a passion for helping Teens out, due to having received help myself in this area.

I grew up in an abusive home, and have dealt with adversity in a lot of different areas in my life. Experiencing different traumas in the way I have usually don’t amount to someone going to college, and making better changes for themselves. I was blessed with mentors that helped me get a chance in life, and in turn I want to bring to fruition Lifeline a youth mentoring non-profit that can help teens make it our of their traumas.

Some of the biggest challenges while setting the ground for this future endeavor is not knowing anything about creating a non-profit. So I have spent many hours researching, calling mentors, meeting with different groups and companies to have a slight understanding of all the things I need to know to create a base for my non-profit.

After many long hours, success, and failures I have my blue print and mentor handbook completed and were presented for the Senior Showcase.