Lauren Carlston – The Ultimate Guide for New Comm Students

Project Summary

For my project, I decided to create ‘the ultimate guide for new comm students’. Even though communications is one of the largest majors on campus, not everybody knows what it is or what it’s all about. My target audience was students who are new to campus or have just declared communications as their major and aren’t sure where to start. I wanted to create something that allowed me to showcase my skills and was valuable to other people as well. I started by talking to teachers and classmates and narrowing down what I wanted to include in the guide. I then went around to different places on campus like student activities and financial aid to ask them about valuable information that not every freshman on campus knows. I talked to students that were in soapbox and created a survey to send to comm seniors as well as recent graduates. I then started by filling in my outline and writing all of the content. I made sure to keep the descriptions short and sweet, not too overwhelming for new students but still getting the point across. I wanted to create original content meant for students, from students. Once I finished the writing portion I started the design process. I took inspiriation from other magazines and created sketches and mockups, and then started designing on indesign as well as illustrator to create some of the shapes. I made sure to use school colors and stick with a fun, light-hearted theme. I then combined the writing and design to put it all together and create my guide! I didn’t realize how many hours this project would take and it was very intimidating but once it was completed I learned that in order to create something I have to push my boundaries and force myself to do more than what I think I am capable of. I loved seeing it all come together in the end and creating something of value to new communication students, as well as showcase what I’ve learned over the past few years. I was able to target a specific audience and create something that was tailored to them, conduct research, write, and design. This guide talks about classes, emphases, modules, practicums, scroll and soapbox, getting experience, getting involved on campus, resources on campus like the library and wellness center, as well as advice from myself and other communication seniors. 


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