Kelsey Cook – More Than Potatoes

Idaho Has More Than Potatoes

Emphasis: Digital & Social Media

Project Summary:

Idaho has a bad reputation of having poor restaurant cuisine, specifically Southeast Idaho. I believe the complete opposite! Southeast Idaho has some of the best restaurants I have ever experienced. My project highlights local restaurants and their owners sharing their story and what makes their food unlike any others.

I started by researching small restaurant businesses near/in Rexburg, ID. I made sure that the places I chose had less than two locations. I then scheduled to meet with eight local restaurant business owners, and they graciously agreed to be a part of my project that I call “More Than Potatoes”. I got to know who they were not only as a business owner, but also as a person. I fell in love with all of their business and felt so amazed as to how much they love us as customers. While I was there, I made sure to order something they recommended to see if their food matched their hospitality. Everything was amazing and I had no complaints. I also made sure to take a lot of pictures and videos of their food and space. Once I finished, I requested a picture of them to use to introduce to my audience the face behind the business.

Once I got those interviews completed, I wrote eight separate blog articles sharing everything I had learned about the owners and their business. I also highlighted my experience at each different restaurant. On top of those articles, I made sure to post four times a week on my Instagram page called @more.thanpotatoes. I was ecstatic to see the interaction I got from my audience as people were just as interested and excited as I was.

After all this work, and it was A LOT of work, I was pleased with all that I had learned. Not only about the great hidden restaurant gems, but also the dedication each business owner has to their customers and the love for what they do. I also grew my techniques on how to reach and engage more people on my social media platform.

Idaho is such an amazing state raging from the beautiful outdoors to the incredible people that reside here. Even more, Idaho has some of the best cuisine in the United States. I hope I was able to share my message that Idaho has more to offer than potatoes.



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