Ashlyn Clark- Pioneering an HR Department

Ashlyn Clark

PR Emphasis

Project Summary

Frozen Dessert Supplies is the #1 online distributor for frozen dessert shops in the United States. As I begun my position in HR for this company, my employer explained that I would be pioneering the department.

My first step was to research what the company already had established, and what needed improvement. I interviewed each manager individually, asking what could be improved. I also sent a survey out to each employee asking them similar questions. The most common response I received mentioned the struggle each employee had with their onboarding experience. I decided to make this my first project.

I used the responses from the survey I sent out to create a new employee packet. I included information on the company’s background, their culture, ultimate goals and descriptions of each department within the company. I also created a new employee orientation that follows the same pattern as the packet.

Click here to view the new employee packet!

Click here to view the new orientation presentation!

After giving all the new employees their employee packet, I gave them a tour of the facility and introduced them to everyone. I then worked with the managers to continue the program for each employee individually. I helped them create a list of tasks for the employee’s first week, and them a question checklist for a one-on-one after the first week and after the first month. I also created a policy book for the company. It is accessible for all employees.

Senior Project Description