Tanner Fugal – Onewheel GT Comprehesive Review

Video Production Emphasis
Tanner Fugal Headshot
Final Video

Project Summary

I made a comprehensive video review of the new Onewheel GT by Future Motion. This self-balancing skateboard is the flagship model that was just released and claims to have many upgrades and improvements. I put these claims to the test and explore their validity in the video. The release of this product was also rocky with many boards having reliability issues and even dangerous problems. I’ve been watching the forums and collecting posts as I’ve tracked Future Motion’s response to these issues. Many people in the community seem to be scared off by these issues, and in the video, I explore whether they need to be worried about it still.

Executing this project required a wide array of video production and communication skills. I wrote and delivered a comprehensive yet concise script that effectively communicates the pros and cons of this product. I also shot a variety of B roll footage over the course of a few months. I used a variety of cameras and techniques to gather compelling shots that maintain the viewer’s interest. I’ve also mastered the project in HLG HDR which is a next-generation video format. This showcases my advanced skills as a colorist and makes the image striking on the showcase floor.

I easily surpassed 80 hours while working on this project because of all the shoots I went on, the locations I visited, the comprehensive preproduction and scriptwriting, and making an engaging and professional edit. Delivering this in HDR also required significant learning and trial and error. Also, I made the time to ride over 400 miles within this period, enough time to properly evaluate the board.

Project Overview Video