AirQwest Heating & Air Conditioning Website

By: Sariah Bock


I am working to enter into the advertisement world and since I am working to go to that field I wanted to gain more experience and knowledge I had no idea in. I wanted to create a website for a local heating and air conditioning business. They had a website but it wasn’t up to date and wasn’t working. Nowadays everyones uses google to find someone to repair something and I wanted them to pop up on google.

home page
home page
home page
still home page
about us page
contact us page
testimonials from customers
FAQs page

These are all the screenshots from the website. It was something that was fun to create and it is the rough draft that I will show to the company before we o forward and get the domain in their name. I will add the link to website so you can all look at it!

Challenges/set backs

When I first started this project I had a vision for what I thought the website would look like. I needed to watch Youtube videos to figure out how to even start a website. Once I had some what of an idea I got to work and was working on the website. I thought it was looking super good but then I realize it wasn’t good at all. I made the decision to restart the whole thing and do it over again. The challenge was being able to like what I created and finish it at the deadline I needed to. 

The process

The process to create the website for the company I wanted to create their vision and do something that was what they wanted. I showed them the first one I created and they had a lot of feedback of what to improve on. The process to go through building a website was figuring out how to even start. I also needed to understand the company and business even more. 

Overview of my experience

I honestly was surprised with my progress during this project. I was scared of creating a website but since being able to do this I realized how important it is to create something good for advertisement. Advertising for a business is something so important in todays society. I was able to create something that can help this business and that is something that makes me happy.

At the end of my post I wanted to add the company’s logo as well.