Estefania Gonzalez- Audrey’s Apples Social Media Marketing & Rebrand

PR Emphasis, Digital & Social Media


I had the great opportunity to work with Audrey Cox Owner of “Audreys Apples”; an online Gourmet Caramel Apple Shop based in Rigby, Idaho. Audrey has been making Caramel Apples for about 25 years and has had her business for 4. Audrey’s Apples has been a successful business in the area and has many loyal clientele. 

One of her company’s main concerns was the social media brand image and bringing business awareness through their social media pages. These couple of months I have been able to rebrand their image online and created a social media stragey for the company. I have been able to create a brand kit and templates for her subscription boxes. I also was able to open up a brand new business instagram page and create new content that to build a cohesive online presence marketing the right target audience.

New Brand Logo
Color Palate


Audrey’s Apples brand kit includes a new logo, brand new color palette, typography, brand patterns, business cards, and new templates she can use for her subscription boxes. This brand guide will be a starting point for the company and an easy way for her to look back at when creating content for her social media posts.


Content Creation:

I also was able to create a new business instagram page and created new content that included professional photography, video reels and infographics to help build a cohesive online presence marketing the right target audience.

Being able to create social media content for Audrey’s Apples was amazing! I loved using my creativity to create content that alines to the brand image. I was able to use my photography and video skills to create posts and reels. One of the main goals for the business was for her to use the business social media pages in a simple way. In order for this to come together, I created a social media strategy campaign to help her use her social media in an easy and effective way. I created a content calendar and gave her tips and ideas for future posts. Since beginning the instagram page we have now gained All of the content created was sent to Audrey’s Apples so that the business can have access to it at any moment. 

Instagram Giveaway

Insights & Outcomes:

My overall experience working with Audreys apples was incredible. I love working with small local businesses and helping their vision come to life. I have come to understand the power of building a strong and cohesive brand presence and the power of social media marketing in growing a small business. I learned that being persistent is key and i learned how to effectively help my clients understand the impact social media can make for their brand by staying consistent and cohesive with their brand voice. I plan to continue to find ways in using and developing the skills in the social media and content creation field.