Will Stevens – DROP – a mountain bike film

Video Production Emphasis


For my senior project I decided to create a mountain biking film. My good friend, Cedric Freer, and I left the cold, snowy Idaho to go to war, sunny St. George, Utah for a weekend to mountain bike. Southern Utah is home to beautiful sites and world-class mountain biking. Red Bull Rampage, one of the biggest biking contests is held in Southern Utah each year. We set out to go to some of the biggest drops, jumps, and terrain we could find down there, old Rampage sites being the gnarliest terrain. I spent weeks planning dates we could go down, how we would get there and the shots I wanted to get. Cedric helped plan what trails we would go on each day and the features he wanted to hit each day.


My planning and pre-production took me about 4.5 hours. My production days had to be used very wisely because we only had a weekend to film. We filmed for 3 full days and about 1.5 hours the last day. In total I spent 24.25 hours filming. Of course after that the next week and a half was post-production. It took me 27.75 hours to finish my final cut. I also used some of that time to make trailers for the video for Cedric and I to post on social media to promote the final video. My total time spent on this project was 60 hours.

Final Product

Collateral Work

Below are the photos and promo videos I created for social media. As well as permission forms.

Overall Personal Progress

This project was beneficial to me because my goal is to work in the action sports industry doing videography. Ideally I would like to work in the bike industry. I watch a lot of videos of pro riders that are styled very similarly to my video. That was my goal. I wanted to make a video of one rider and highlight his skills on a bike. I am planning on meeting with my mentor, Brother Mawlam, to discuss my improvements over time and seek advise moving forward. I also have some mentors in the bike videography industry that I want to meet with and get their feedback on my project.