Marketing for Nonprofits | Laura Pannhoff

Laura Pannhoff | Digital and Social Media | 2023 | Rexburg Free Clinic.

The Rexburg Free Clinic is a nonprofit medical clinic located in Rexburg, Idaho that offers free healthcare to the community. I worked as a marketing volunteer for the Rexburg Free Clinic for my senior project. My work for this project includes social media marketing, email newsletter management, blog management, design for content and print materials, training interns in design, event planning, and traditional marketing. 

               My goals for this project were to increase social media engagement, increase community awareness, increase efficiency in marketing workflows, and provide a solid foundation for future interns and volunteers to continue these goals. I measured this using Meta Business Suite analytics, revenue and attendance from events, and time spent on a task that could be automated.

I’ve spent roughly 80 hours on this project. These hours were from attending weekly meetings, meetings with upper management, time spent creating and planning content, reformatting the website, reaching out to brands for partnerships and vendor opportunities, attending and marketing at events, and training interns in design.

This case study gives a rundown of some of the specifics of what I did and what the results were. Please click the link above or the photo below to view my case study.

I hope to leave a lasting impact on the clinic after my project and volunteering are complete. Because of this, I’m creating a training module for the marketing interns to use as a guide in the future. I’ve attached this abridged version that includes advice and tutorials for those future interns. This is not an all-inclusive look at the slideshow to protect the privacy of the clinic and because I am waiting for approval for specific portions. Abridged Training Module

Before embarking on this journey, I never expected to care so much about this small nonprofit clinic. As I’ve worked on this project, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for the cause and the clinic itself. I’ve grown close with the interns, and I’m so inspired by the passion they each hold for the clinic as well. I’ve done projects for other businesses and brands in the past and I’ve never seen so many people so devoted.