Courtney Smith – Video Editing with Chris Cooks


My Project:

This semester, I worked for Chris Loves Julia as a Visual Media Producer. For my senior project, I focused each week on producing one Chris Cooks video, a weekly cooking show, that was posted to their Instagram and YouTube channel for over 360,000 subscribers to enjoy. Depending on the complexity of the recipe, this required approximately 2-4 hours of shooting time and around 5-8 hours in post-production each week. Production was the joint work of myself and the head visual media producer but the primary focus of my senior project was my work in post-production; editing the audio and video.

My primary goal was to bring Chris’s recipes to life by telling a story through my editing. The old Chris Cooks videos were averaging 10 minutes long, were usually one long video without any cuts, and lacked gusto. I decided we needed a strict format of an introduction, recipe demonstration and an outro in order to tell the full story of each recipe. I would then edit the video down to around 5 minutes, and make it as easy to follow along with as possible through careful video cuts and titles.

By the end of my project, I had produced 10 episodes of Chris Cooks and Chris Loves Julia’s Youtube channel saw an 18% increase in subscribers from 36,000 to 42,770. I also accepted a full-time job offer to be Chris Loves Julia’s Video Editor and Graphic Designer.

Sadly, due to Idaho’s shelter in place order, I wasn’t able to print the posters I designed for my display. Instead, they will be attached below.
For my display, I wanted my audience to feel like they were on the set of Chris Cooks, preparing food right along with my videos. I also wanted to clearly display my work. The laptop on the left is playing an example of a completed video I edited and the laptop on the right is a video screen capture of my editing process using Adobe Premiere Pro in real-time.








Supplemental Materials

Screen capture video example of editing: