Nique Jeffs-Experiences through Argentina from a California Native


My Project

I added visual appeal to the standard boring missionary emails that we are familiar with. I created a website that is dedicated to sharing the experiences of a missionary, Elder Barron. I made edits and formatted his weekly emails. Then, I uploaded them onto the site, along with pictures and scriptures he shared. The website has been printed and published into a book that will be given to his family to keep. The creation of this site came about because there is not much appeal to reading a long email every week. I wanted to improve the visual appeal of Elder Barron’s emails so his family and friends were more likely to read about his experiences and have the opportunity to share to social media platforms.

I included The Argentina Flag since my project was focused on Elder Barron and that is where he is serving his mission. I also included photos of him by himself as well as a photo of him with President and Sister Fernandez.

I had the website printed into a book and had that displayed as well for individuals to look through.





Supplemental Materials

The entries in the book were taken directly from my website. The like is below.