Josephine Smith – Reinventing FIJI Water Bottle

Hey everyone! Thank you for checking out my senior project! As mentioned in the above video, for my project I decided to reimagine FIJI water bottles as something environmentally friendly. This process included three main steps: pre-production (research, brand identity, and design drafts), production (printing, prototypes, and mockups), and post-production (advertising, photography, and graphics). As an inspiring project manager, I wanted to showcase my skills and knowledge of the entire creative process. Showing potential employers that I can think about all the details that go into big projects like these and cover all different types of terrain. I hope you enjoyed learning about my project! Feel free to scroll further down to see my project in more details!

Equipment used in project: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Canon 6D, Adobe Premiere Pro, Umbrella Light Kit, Luv Microphone Kit