Cassie Rogers – Commercial Macro Photography


Project Description

This project combines two types of photography, commercial and macro. These are two very different types of photography. Macro is about getting in close to find new details and angles. Zooming in close to a subject can make it almost unrecognizable at first glance. This is very different from commercial photography, where the audience shouldn’t have to think about what they are looking at. The photo should clearly show the subject. When combining macro and commercial photography, a photographer needs to clearly present the subject while utilizing the details and angles macro photography offers.

Under the theme of commercial macro photography, this project has four categories: food, beauty, plants and games. These categories have a total of five photos, each showcasing a different subject. The goal is to clearly present a common product in a unique way.

The purpose of commercial photography is to be able to use these images in advertisements and marketing. To demonstrate this, I created business cards from one of my floral images for a local flower shop.

For my display I printed out four of the photos I took, one from each category. Also on the table are many items I used for subjects in other photos.